Community Manager

What are we looking for?

Economics Design is seeking a talented individual who will be responsible for monitoring and tracking conversations relating to our brand and proactively engaging with our community. You’ll also moderate the community to weed out comments and conversations that don’t add value and help to maintain a safe space for learning.


  • Monitoring: Listening in on and tracking conversations relating to Economics Design
    • Youtube — replying comments on YouTube and engaging with other’s videos
    • Discord — tracking conversations on our discord
    • Twitter — both our content and social listening to general content in the space. Google Trend alert is helpful too.
    • Reddit — connecting with questions and answering queries, both on our posts and outside our posts
  • Engaging: Keeping conversations alive and proactively engaging with customers, prospects, and influencers.
    • Discord — spark conversations on Discord
    • Address complaints, thank happy people, talk to people who like our products. BE HUMAN. Allow conversations to happen.
      • Drive people to website/product/pages when relevant. Track that.
      • Link back to sites and briefly explain what we do on all online profiles.
      • Keep your brand’s personality consistent, but adapt your conversation-style
      • Directly encourage happy customers to share pictures of your product
      • Proactive about engaging with the community
      • Media
        • Book — esp twitter
        • Premium subscribers — on discord
        • Course — on website and discord
  • Moderating: Weeding out comments and conversations that don’t add value, and troubleshooting queries.
    • Discord
    • YouTube — block words that are spam
  • Measuring: Analyzing how ED is perceived and getting real, unfiltered feedback. Working with Tejas, our head of Digital Marketing.


  • Excellent communication and social networking skills.
  • Empathy, patience, and tact.
  • Creativity, a sense of humour, and the ability to adapt to ED’s voice.
  • Sift through social data to find opportunities and insight.
  • An understanding of your niche or the curiosity to thoroughly learn about it.
  • Flexible and focused on solutions
  • Organised and self-sufficient
  • Familiarity with online channels of interest and tools like Hootsuite.

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  • Given the opportunity of working together, what are your plans for the next 30 and 90 days?

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